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Frequently asked questions

  1.  What is a Virtual Office or an Executive Suite?

    1. Virtual Offices and Executive Suites are office's where you manage, maintain and operate your own business... but use someone else's office and services on an "as-needed" basis.  You can typically pay by the hour or month.  Some of the services available are:  Day Rooms | Meeting Rooms | Computers | Copy Center | Work Areas | Mailboxes with a professional business address | Training Room | Kitchen and on-site staff.  Virtual Office use is also common for employees who need a professional, quiet location to get their work done.  Or anyone who just needs a space to work.

  2.  What are the advantages of using "West Valley Virtual Offices & Executive Suites"?

    1. You are able to efficiently run your business from our location, but at a small fraction of the cost of renting your own office.

    2. Able to utilize our conference rooms & day room to meet clients

    3. Able to use our training room for training classes or seminars

    4. Able to use our work areas and computers to get your work done

    5. Your mail can be delivered to our office

    6. Able to promote your business on the internet

    7. On-site staff & receptionist to greet your clients

  3.  Will my mail go to a physical address or a PO Box?

    1. Mail is addressed in your name, and using our business address.

  4.  Is there a monthly charge, or do I pay by the hour?

    1. Either one.  Choose the plan which best fits your businesses needs.​

  5.  Where are you located?

    1. 6751 N. Sunset Blvd., #320, Glendale, AZ  85305

  6.  Would it be advantageous for me to pay by the hour, or go with a monthly plan?

    1. Depends on your needs.  For example, if you plan on using the conference rooms for only a few hours a month, it may be advantageous to you to pay by the hour.  If you think you may need considerable use of our office, it may be beneficial to choose a monthly plan.​

  7. Click HERE to reserve a hourly conference room/day room/workspace, training room, etc.​​

  8. How do I reserve a hourly conference room/day room/workspace, etc.

    1. Click BOOK HERE in the main menu. 

    2. Choose which room you want to reserve

    3. Choose how much time you need

    4. Choose the day/time you want

    5. Enter your contact information & make payment

  9. How do I signup for the monthly plan?

    1. Call or email Rich for agreement.  Cell is 602.316.6319.  Email is

  10. Can I promote my business on the internet with the West Valley Virtual Offices business address?

    1. Yes​

  11. Click HERE to view our services & benefits.

  12. Click HERE to view our plans.

  13. How long does it take to get started?

    1. Typically within 1 business day​

  14. Who do I contact for questions?

    1. Call or email Rich for agreement.  Cell is 602.316.6319.  Email is


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