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monthly Virtual Office agreement

Office Agreement

WHEREFORE, the parties to this document mutually desire to enter into an agreement to use office space within My Home  Group and West Valley Virtual Office (hereinafter referred to as “office management”). Office use is defined as limited usage of  conference rooms, office work areas, mailbox, copy center, lounge, lobby & patio (does not include Private Office and  conference/training/day rooms). Conference/training/day rooms can be reserved at the prevailing rates.

Office management has entered into an agreement with office user for the office located at:

6751 North Sunset Blvd, #320, Glendale, AZ 85305

Office management shall provide office user with month to month use of the above premises.  Acceptable forms of cancellation will be by email, letter or text.

Other than stated within this agreement, no usage of the facility by office user’s employees, affiliates, independent contractors  or other unnamed personnel will be permitted unless prior written authorization is requested and granted by office  management.

Your email address will be added to our scanner. There is no charge to scan copies.

Office user shall pay directly to office management ninety nine dollars ($99.00) on your start date, and the same day of each  succeeding month until cancelled.

Services provided are:

∙ Lounge Access

∙ Patio Access

∙ Work areas access

∙ Computers

∙ Wi-fi

∙ Printers

∙ Copy room usage (access to fax/copier/scanner)

∙ Mailbox Usage

∙ A staffed pickup and drop off point for mail

∙ Receptionist to greet your walk-in clients

Office user is responsible for any damage to the office, beyond normal wear & tear, which they cause.  Office user will be charged $.05 for B & W copies, $.25 for color copies.

The Virtual Office memberships gives members full access to the office (excluding rooms).  Contact the office if more than one person needs access to the workspace.  In that event, we can create a "custom plan".

If office management receives complaints from office user’s own customers, or if office user is involved in any illegal activities, or has misrepresented themselves in any way on this agreement, then office management retains the right to terminate this  agreement.

As this office is a professional business, no disruption to our agents, tenants, or affiliates businesses will be allowed. Disruption  to aforementioned clients, their clients, or to the staff will result in termination of the agreement.  

Work hours are Monday – Friday (excluding federal holidays) from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.

If Office User requires 24/7 access, then Office User will pay a $19.95 charge for any background check that is pulled by Office  Management. There is also a one time fee of $32 for the building badge & office key. You cannot make any copies of office  keys. All keys & badges must be returned by the end date of agreement or a $100 penalty will be incurred.

Mail will be addressed in your name (or name of your business), and the office address of 6751 N. Sunset Blvd., #320, Glendale,  AZ, 85305. Mail will then be forwarded into your own mailbox which will have your own internal mailbox#.

Office management must receive a copy of drivers license within 7 days of start-date.

Security cameras are installed within the building and office. Security also patrols the hallways for the security and safety of  our customers and staff.

Office user will abide by Westgate’s Code of Conduct policy.

Office user confirms that other than renting office space from office management, there is no business relationship between  office user and office management.

If office user is more than 5 days late on rent, a late charge of $25 will be charged.  

Office management may terminate agreement if office user is more than 15 days late on rent.

A $27.00 handling charge will be billed for non-sufficient funds returns.

No solicitation of agents, or our affiliates is permitted without prior written authorization.

Any violation of the above provisions may result in termination of this agreement by office management.

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